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Buyer Protection

Protecting Your Purchase from Click to Delivery

We want you to shop with confidence. That's why we provide guarantees that ensure you'll receive your item on time and as described.

What guarantees can I get?

Everyone who shops on receives the following guarantees:

  1. Genuine Product
  2. Full Refund if you don’t receive your order


Register & Accounts

  1. Account & login problems

  • Why does the system not recognize my account?

To log in your account successfully, please ensure the correct registered email address (or Member ID) and password. Your password is case sensitive, so please check if your keyboard's Caps Lock light is on and also make sure there are no extra blank spaces in the password.


If your registered email address and password are correct and you are still unable to sign in successfully, please follow the below steps to set your browsers:


1. Check if your browser if you have blocked Third-party Cookies option. If the Third-party Cookies option has been blocked, please enable it.

2. Please be advised to delete cookies

  • How do I reset my password?

Login to your Account > My Account > Change Password.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your membership of eShopKwt.  Kindly contact us at [email protected]

It has been a pleasure to have you as an eShopKwt member and we sincerely hope you will use our services again in the future!

  • Why did my account registration fail?

You may find the following issue when you register:


1. Your email address has been already registered as a member, please change another email address to set up your account. Or you can use the existed email address to retrieve your password, please click Forgot password? On Login page to reset it or Click Here to access Forgot Password Page directly.

2. Your Contact Information is not in English If certain letters of your name contain Non-English letters, you are advised to use the similar English ones instead. For example, you may change letter "?" to "a"

3. The Password and confirm password field must match and use Alpha/Numeric password e.g.([email protected])

4. The ‘Captcha’ does not show or entered wrong

 If no word appears in the "Captcha" image, please check your browser's setting as follows:

    1) Open the browser, click "Internet Option" in the "Tool" section

    2) Click "Advanced" tab, then choose the "Media"

    3) Ensure to make a tick on "Display Picture"

After setting your browser successfully, please simply enter any word and submit.

  • How do I register an eShopKwt account?

Please click here to register your eShopKwt account. You can also quickly register while Checkout. You need to confirm your account by click link sent to your registered email.

  • Why I have not received an email to reset my password?

You are advised to check your spam box. Or contact [email protected]

  • What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please click Forgot password? On Login page to reset it or Click Here to access Forgot Password Page

  • How do I edit my member profile?

To modify information such as your address, phone number or fax number, please take the following steps:

Sign in to your Account > My Account > Account Information and Address Book for Address change.

  • How can I unsubscribe from Newsletter?

Login to your Account > My Account > Newsletter Subscriptions


  • Why should I Subscribe to Newsletter?

Newsletters are free email service providing you with latest updates, deals, promotions and personalized updates on your favorite products and stores according to your selected keywords.


  1.  Shopping Cart:

  • Using the shopping cart to place an order
  1. Please click the "Add to cart" button to add the items
  2. Enter Discount Codes if any
  3. Click Proceed to Checkout
  4. Enter New or Select New Billing Address > Shipping Address > Shipping Method > Payment Method > Order Review > Agree Terms and Conditions > Place Order.


  1. Managing your orders

  • How do I cancel a paid order?

Simply contact us at [email protected] using your registered email and provide the Order Number, full refund will be issued immediately without any questioning.

  • How do I check the order status?

To check your order status, you can follow the below instructions:

1. Sign in your account and go to My Account > My Orders > Orders Status

2. Contact [email protected] or call +965 60989891 and provide your Order Number.

  • How do I extend the processing time?

If you want to extend the processing time of your Order, contact [email protected] or call +965 60989891 and provide your Order Number.

  1. Payments

  • What payment methods can I use?


Currently, you can pay using TAP Knet, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Cash on Delivery. More payment options will be available on eShopKwt in the future.


  • Can I pay in my Local Currency?


Please note that all product prices and shipping costs on eShopKwt are quoted in Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD).


we accept other currencies Equivalent to Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD) on Cash on Delivery


If you want to see a conversion in your local currency, please contact directly your nearest currency exchange agent or a bank.



  1. Refunds

  • How do I receive a refund by credit card?

Normally, the refund by credit card will be made to your credit card account within 3-15 business days.

If you are unable to receive the refund after that, you can contact your credit card issuer for more information.

  • When will I receive my refund?

The refund caused by order cancellation will be process instantly from eShopKwt account. However, since the Banks need some time make clearance, you may need to wait for 3-15 business days to receive the refund.

  • Why the refund is not received?

If you haven't received your refund yet, check with your Bank.

Note that some banks may need time for fund settlement. This procedure will also depend on your bank's correspondent relationships.


  1. Shipping

  • Why I didn’t receive my package after order completion?

Once the order is completed, you would be unable to open dispute for your order.

To check your order status, you can follow the below instructions:

1. Sign in your account and go to My Account > My Orders > Orders Status

2. Contact [email protected] or call +965 60989891 and provide your Order Number.


  • How long does it take to ship an order?
    • We provide free shipping in Kuwait
    • Generally, all orders available with our local suppliers are delivered in minimum 4 hours too maximum 24 hours and International suppliers orders takes minimum 3 weeks to 60 working days. However, an extension can be made if the buyer wants the delivery on a specified date which may including the above timings.
    • If the buyer did not receive the goods (goods still in transit) even after being shipped by the eShopKwt, the buyer needs to contact the eShopKwt negotiate a longer shipping period.
    • If the eShopKwt has not shipped the order before the agreed date, the buyer can always contact the eShopKwt to agree a new date; or make a Refund Request.
    • You may engage one or more third party vendors for the purpose of completing and fulfilling an Online Transaction such as the warehousing and logistic service companies, shipping agents, inspection agents, insurance companies, etc.   Some of such third party vendors may be partners of and thus designated by to you.  Among such designated partners, you may be required to agree and accept the terms and conditions of their services online within the Sites.  Notwithstanding the foregoing circumstances, for all third party vendors, you acknowledge and agree that such third party vendors are engaged at your own discretion and cost and that you will not hold and our affiliates and agents liable for any losses, damages, claims, liabilities, costs or expenses arising from the services of such third party vendors.



  • Why I can’t track any shipping information?

If your order is shipped by China Post Air Mail or Hongkong Post Air Mail, it will take longer time to track it than other shipping methods.

Also, you can directly contact the eShopKwt for more information.

If you have waited several days and you are still unable to track your order, please be advised to open dispute to protect your payment.

To learn how the refund and claim process work, please check Refund section.

  • What can I do if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

If the order that you received is not in your satisfactory condition, please open dispute before the deadline to protect your payment and contact eShopKwt for more information.

  • Can I change my Shipping Address after placing an order?

You can sign in to your Account and locate Shipping Address button to add your shipping address. Before the item marked as shipped.

  • Customs & import taxes

Orders may need to clear customs in your country.

Please check if your order will incur additional import duties, taxes or other customs related charges.

Import duties, taxes or other customs charges will be collected by the shipping company upon delivery.

Suppliers are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country.

Additional costs or delays may occur during trade. We sincerely hope that you do not use additional import costs or customs clearance delays as a reason for requesting refunds or leaving negative feedback.