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Dolce Vera Pomegranate Soap

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Pomegranate Soap Babies in the prevention of diaper rash occurred in sensitive skin, and helps in the treatment of allergic skin pruitus. It tightens the skin and gives a wonderful shine. Dyed hair in the removal of paint, helps regain hair's natural color. Tense calm in a soap derisini hair. Softening the pores opening has healing properties. Inflammation is relieving. foam soap to be prepared, itchy inflammation of the eyelid and weeping skin rash is also used for washing wounds. It takes the itching and burning caused by eczema. Rinse after a few minutes after soaping for the skin brightness. Your body will become a spectacular shine. Use Apply up completely until the skin by massaging eat. Use regularly morning and evening 2 times a day. Content Aqua, natural vegetable glycerin, chamomile oil, coconut oil, olive, olive oil, almond oil, sodium palmate, sodium Cocoate, sodium chloride.

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