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Dolce Vera Lavender Soap

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It is suitable for all kinds of skin can feel the impact of natural lavender oil therapy that calms the nerves and refreshment. 100 gr. Lavender soap: natural and pure lavender oil added to skin all kinds of hand and body soap. nerves of natural lavender oil will feel the therapy effects and comfort. If the lavender long-term use, the cooling effect of the nervousness, helps to reduce insomnia and depression. It helps the body to remove the smell. Pure olive oil nourish the skin, prevent the drying, provides permanent moistness and softness. Use Apply up completely until the skin by massaging eat. Use regularly morning and evening 2 times a day. Content Aqua, natural vegetable glycerin, Lavander oil, coconut oil, olive, olive oil, almond oil, sodium palmate, sodium cocat to, sodium chloride.

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