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Dolce Vera Lemon Soap

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It is ideal for oily skin. It helps stabilize the oil secretion. 100 gr. Lemon soap: the balance of the ideal temizleyicidir.yağ lemon juice for oily skin is useful. Lemon has a firming effect. The acids contained in the lemon skin also makes the task of peeling. hard skin that occur in the knee and elbow friction base to be made with lemon foam soap helps remove calluses on the feet and hands. The skin brightness and softness. It makes a refreshing and invigorating effect for your skin. Headache and swelling önleyebilir.kuvvetl is an antibacterial. Use: Apply to the skin by massage until fed up completely. Use regularly morning and evening 2 times a day. Content: Aqua, natural vegetable glycerin, lemon oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, sodium palmate, sodium Cocoate, sodium chloride.

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